Destination Aquatics offers a huge selection of livestock and dry goods .


Marine, Invertebrates,Corals , Tropical, Coldwater, Anubias plants

If we don’t have the fish you are looking for please liaise with our staff as we will be more than happy to look into ordering them in for you .

Our staff, before selling you fish, will ask a few general questions to ensure that the fish is going to be living in the correct conditions. We do reserve the right to refuse to sell fish if we feel the fish will not be kept in the correct conditions – the staff will advise you on what you need to do before buying that type of fish.

In some instances if we have repeat visits from customers with high fish losses we will refuse to sell further fish until the reason for the problem has been identified and solved. We may even ask you to attend one of our fish-keeping courses.

If you are looking for that extra special marine fish or coral why not pop along and see the guys and girls in the fish section and they may be able to help you.

Water testing
The store offer a water testing service but please bear in mind that at busy times of the day there may be a delay in being able to offer this service.


RO water and Pre mixed salt
The store offer both RO water and pre mixed salt. We use Salinity salt for mixing as it contains buffers to ensure that the salt is as close to natural seawater as possible.

We always try and remain competitive on our aquarium selection as well as keeping a large selection in stock. If there is a fish tank you would like us to quote you on please feel free to ask.

Dry Goods
We offer a huge selection of brands – some of our selection can be found below…